We are seeking products, technologies, services, peripherals, and information related to renewable energy and all other energy- and environment-related fields that contribute to conservation of the global environment.

Policy & Concept
Renewable energy promotion systems, global environment RE100, Eco Model City, Future City

Advanced products and materials, innovative technologies

Solar Thermal Applications
Heat and Power integration, products and systems, co-generation

Innovative Bioclimatic Architecture
Zero energy consumption, energy-efficient housing, design and construction, materials

Wind Energy
Advanced wind turbines (large to small), wind assessment tools

Biomass Utilization & Conversion
Conversion methods for heat and power, bio-fuels, applications

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell
Current and future FC products, applications, FC vehicles, hydrogen society

Ocean Energy
Power generation systems, integrated utilization, marine resources

Geothermal Energy &
Ground-Source HP
Current and advanced methods, applications and systems

Energy Network
Power Storage and System, Grid Connection, Demand Control, Smart Community, Power Electronics, Superconductor and System

Energy Conservation & Heat Pump
Heart and energy cascade, entropyapplications, FC vehicles, hydrogen society

Small Hydro &
Non-Conventional Energy

Specific advanced technologies in the 12 renewable energy categories and technologies aimed at increasing renewable energy uptake

Resilient smart grid technologies for making the best use of electricity from renewable sources such as photovoltaic generation and wind energy

Smart community-building that makes effective use of regional and district-based energy

Zero-energy houses (ZEH), zero-energy building (ZEB) , and energy creation focused on living environments, and advanced energy conservation technologies

Low-carbon technologies and product commercialization technologies that utilize phase changes through dissolution and chemical reactions

State-of-the-art energy storage technologies and systems (electricity storage, thermal storage, pressure accumulation, and P to X [hydrogen])