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Exhibit highlight A floating / submerged type tidal current power generation system capable of generating electricity in the low flow velocity tidal flow is introduced. The reason for adopting the floating / submerged type tidal power system is to minimize the cost of marine works accompanying installation / recovery of the power generator. The power generator by the slack mooring system will float on the sea surface when tidal current stops and it will sink into the sea and generate the electric power when the tidal current becomes strong. Then we may minimize the cost of marine works for maintenance, the recover and reinstallation of the power generator. For the power generation efficiently at low flow velocity, a structure called a diffuser is mounted around the turbine to increase the flow at the turbine position, thereby realizing high efficiency tidal power generation.
The model with a diameter of 0.4 m is displayed and the video of the experiment taken in a towing tank is shown.
  • Ocean Energy