OGURA Lab, Dept. of Urban Environment Systems, Chiba Univ.
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Exhibit highlight From the viewpoints of energy and environmental problems, effective energy recycle utilization systems using Chemical Heat Pump (CHP) have been proposed by OGURA Lab.
The CHPs store chemically renewable energy such as waste heat, solar heat, and release it at various temperature levels.
This time, we introduce the high efficiency CHP systems developed for practical use by panels and demo equipments.
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar Thermal Applications
  • Innovative Bioclimatic Architecture
  • Geothermal Energy & Ground-Source HP
  • Energy Network
  • Energy Conservation & Heat Pump
  • Small Hydro & Non-Conventional Energy
  • Save the energy, Renewable Energy, Creative Energy
  • Use of temperature differences
  • Clean automobiles