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Exhibit highlight Miyagawa Laboratory of the Waseda University conducts research on turbomachines that converts between fluid energy and rotational energy. In particular, regarding the use of renewable energy, we are engaged in research and development of hydraulic turbines and tidal turbines, design and computation of pumps and equipment for hydrogen.

The following researches are now carried out in our laboratory with some computations and experiments.
- Pumps for cryogenic flows, propulsion system of ship, flood control.
- hydraulic turbine for small and medium capacity hydraulic power generation, tidal power generation

In this exhibition,
・Evaluation of performance and reliability technology of couter-rotating turbines for tidal power generation
· Development of a hydraulic turbine with shroud-less runner for small and medium capacity hydroelectric power generation
· Development of pump for cryogenic fluid
· Others
The above items will be introduced with a panel and models.
Major Product

Hydraulic turbine for
small and medium capacity power

Development of tidal turbine

  • Ocean Energy
  • Small Hydro & Non-Conventional Energy