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co-exhibitor(s) Embassy of Italy, Tokyo - Trade Promotion Section
Address Viale Giulio Cesare, 71 - 00192 Roma ITALY
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Exhibit highlight RESET is a clean-tech start up, founded in June 2015, that operates in the field of renewable energy technology, namely biomass gasification and cogeneration. After several years of prototypes and testing activities, the company has come up with SyngaSmart®, a range of containerized, plug-n-play microCHP (50-200 kWe) integrated with proprietary engineered biomass gasification unit. This technology allows maximum energy conversion and efficiency (electricity + heat) in a programmable, carbon-negative production cycle. The energy stored in biomass like woodchips is first converted into a raw synthesis gas containing mostly carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2), flammable gases which behave similarly to natural gas; after passing through a conditioning stage, the syngas fuels a double genset for heat and power production. RESET started installing SyngaSmart units in central Italy in 2017 and is currently looking for expansion to international markets.
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  • Biomass Utilization & Conversion
  • Cogeneration